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About Company Guide Australia
About Company Guide Australia.

What does Company Guide Australia do?
Company Guide is a Business and Services Directory that lists Companies websites under related keywords, doing this dramatically increases your chances of getting found in all major Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Sensis and more.

For example, a page can be created on Company Guide using a keyword that relates to your website, such as 'Buy Handbags Online' - the page of which gets listed on Google and other major search engines and enables a chance to get ranked highly on the Search Engine, once clicked it will display the page with the related Business' to that category and allow for the user to see your website.

Doing this not only gives your website more exposure, it also helps generate leads and sales for your site through acquiring visitors that search for your specific company related keywords. The links also help your site generate individual rankings, meaning your actual website will start to rank better in Google for related keywords.

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