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Bayside Drafting Group

Bayside Drafting Australia is one of Australia's leading specialists in structural steel shop detailing, with expertise in projects ranging from portal-framed buildings to intricate architectural structures. All drawings are of exceptional quality and feature professional workmanship and presentation.

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Cad Works Drafting Australia

Information on a multi-disciplinary drafting service to the Architectural industry in Western Australia. Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Civil is only a few of the areas we deal with.

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Compudraft has been specializing in architectural and structural drafting additions, renovations and proposals since 1983 in association With Kneebone and Berretta Engineers.

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PDA Drafting Australia

Specialising in structural steel detailing, particularly for the mining, industrial and commercial industry, our ability to undertake complex architectural developments is highly regarded in the construction industry.

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