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Foxtel Pay TV - Special Internet Only Offer

Sign up online to receive a very exclusive, special offer today. FOXTEL is Australia's leading subscription television provider. FOXTEL is now available to more than 70% of Australian homes, with more than 1.443 million homes currently connected to the FOXTEL.

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Optus Digital Pay TV

The ultimate in TV is here – Optus TV Featuring FOXTEL. With access to an amazing range of channels, all with unbelievable picture and sound quality, it’s all the entertainment you need. To subscribe to Optus TV Featuring FOXTEL, call us now on 1800 502 233.

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SelecTV Pay Television

SelecTV is a new Digital Television service that aims to provide all Australians with a great mix of the world's best Pay TV channels at an affordable price. The SelecTV service offers a total of 40 channels to all regions of Australia via the Intelsat 8 (formerly PAS8) Satellite. We provide premium content from some of the best Australian and International media companies.

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With TiVo® you click on the shows you want to watch from an electronic program guide. TiVo® then records your selections, whether they're individual shows or complete series, onto its hard drive.

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